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How to create (and edit) a Cadence in Bramble
How to create (and edit) a Cadence in Bramble

Learn how to deploy, create and edit Cadences in Bramble

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To create and edit a cadence in Bramble, you will need to have Owner access to the platform.

You can create a new cadence by selecting "Cadences" from the Settings, then selecting "Engagement."

You will be prompted to enter a name and description for the cadence, as well as select the roles that it applies to. Once you have created a cadence, you can link the relevant Bramble screen to it by selecting "Link". You can also configure the frequency you want the Cadence to appear on the User's Hub.

Once you have created your cadence, it will be in draft form and will not be visible to users until it is published. It is important to work with relevant leadership and managers to ensure they are on board with any changes you make before publishing a new cadence.

It is also recommended to expand upon the Bramble Cadence with change management care.

Cadence Compliance reporting is a metric that provides Senior Leaders and Bramble Champions with data on adherence to the organization's leadership framework by Group and Individual. This can be accessed by Bramble Owners and Admins.

It is recommended to use the cadence as a way to onboard and ensure effective usage at the frontline. It makes sense to set up cadence items that reflect your deployment, culminating in the complete leadership cadence once Bramble has been fully deployed.

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