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Mapping Production Data to Bramble
Mapping Production Data to Bramble
Learn how to integrate Bramble with other systems.
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The process of mapping production data to Bramble in order to automate volume completion data involves several steps.

First, determine the source system you wish to map to Bramble and the fields within that system that you wish to map.

Establish an API or flat-file transfer to provide the data to Bramble.

Within Bramble, create a Task Event Template via Settings > Integrations > Templates to tell Bramble which fields within the API/flat-file matter and how they matter.

Once the template is completed, upload the source file via Settings > Integrations > Task Events > Upload and select the Import Template that matches the source system.

The events will enter the Task Event workflow, where they will be categorized as Queued, No User, No Task, Ok, Errored, Ignored, or Archived.

If there are events in the No User or No Task workflow, navigate to Settings > Integrations > User Mappings or Settings > Integrations > Task Mappings to map the Users or Tasks to the User IDs or Production Tasks in Bramble.

Once the Users and Tasks are mapped, they will appear in the "Ok" workflow and count towards production metrics.

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