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How to map Task Events to Users
How to map Task Events to Users
Learn how to link user accounts in order to establish automated data feeds
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Mapping Users and Tasks in Bramble allows you to establish an API, an SFTP transfer or a manual upload of completion volumes while ensuring that the relevant data is being attributed to the right staff member and Production Task in Bramble.

Only Owners can map users to integrations.

To map a user:

  1. Navigate to "User Mappings" via "Settings" > "Integrations" section in the sidebar menu.

  2. Once you have uploaded production data via the importer, you should see a table listing unmapped users

  3. Select the Staff Members/User ID you wish to map to their Bramble account by selecting "Edit" under the Linked User column

  4. Search for the user via the search box, select the correct user account to map to the external user ID

  5. Repeat this process for any additional users or task event imports that need to be mapped

  6. Once complete, the table should be blank and linked users can be accessed via the dropdown filter above the table to the far right

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