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Creating and editing Supporting Tasks in Bramble
Creating and editing Supporting Tasks in Bramble

Learn how to create and maintain Supporting Tasks.

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Supporting Tasks provide visibility on the types of supporting tasks that Individual Contributors are spending time on. It is a key component of the Daily Check-In for Individual Contributors and Frontline Managers.

When combined with Production Tasks and Friction, a complete picture of an IC's day can be established. Supporting Tasks also critical to establishing a meaningful Utilization metric.

Only Owners can create and edit Supporting Tasks in Bramble.

To create and edit supporting tasks:

  1. Navigate to Supporting Tasks via "Settings" > "Check-Ins"

  2. Review the default list of Supporting Tasks with in-scope managers to obtain feedback

  3. Add or remove tasks as necessary to reflect your organization's activities

  4. Categorize each task into one of the provided categories: Leadership, Meetings, Training, or Projects

  5. Click "Add Task"

  6. To edit or archive an existing Supporting Task, simply hover over the desired task and select "Edit" or "Archive" from the Actions box

It is recommended to load the Supporting Tasks into Bramble within 2 weeks after implementation. Bramble also recommends keeping the list to less than 25 tasks to make it easier for Individual Contributors and managers to use the relevant reporting.

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