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Creating an Integration Template in Bramble
Creating an Integration Template in Bramble
Learn how to setup integrations between external systems and Bramble
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The purpose of creating an integration template in Bramble is to set up data feeds for Production Tasks.

It is important to establish data integrations with in-scope systems as soon as the deployment starts. When creating the template, make sure to include IT, Analytics or Reporting when determining the relevant systems to include in-scope.

The data collected through the integration template can be used to quickly ascertain high-volume tasks completed by in-scope teams, and consequently, where to focus effort when establishing Ideal Task Times.

Only Owners can create and maintain integration templates.

To create an integration template in Bramble, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Templates" via "Settings" > "Integrations" in the side-bar menu

  2. Click on "Create Template".

  3. Enter the necessary information for the data feed, such as the system it is coming from and the specific data you want to collect. Broadly, Bramble requires 3 types of information from integrated systems to map to Production Tasks:

    1. The date the task was completed

    2. The staff member who completed the task

    3. What was completed - this is typically a combination of fields from the system you are integrating with

  4. Save the template.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for any additional data feeds you want to set up.

  6. Work with IT, Analytics, or Reporting to establish an automated transmission of data and determine the frequency at which the data feeds update Bramble.

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