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Our 6-point scale for scoring skills

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Bramble Skill Levels are on a 6-point scale which measures an individual's proficiency in a specific area of expertise. It is based on the 5-level Dreyfus model and has an additional level, "Master", to recognize individuals with exceptional skills and industry recognition.

  1. Beginner:

    • Possesses limited or theoretical knowledge without practical application

    • Requires close supervision or guidance to perform tasks

  2. Advanced Beginner:

    • Has a basic understanding of the key principles and practices

    • Capable of performing straightforward tasks to an acceptable standard

    • Can make basic decisions but still requires supervision for more complex tasks

  3. Competent:

    • Has a strong understanding of the area of practice

    • Can produce satisfactory results for assigned tasks

    • Capable of making sound decisions without supervision

  4. Proficient:

    • Possesses an in-depth understanding of the discipline and practice

    • Routinely meets high standards in their work

    • Can take full responsibility for their work and the work of others if necessary

    • Confidently handles complex situations with sound decision-making skills

  5. Expert:

    • Qualified to mentor others

    • Has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of the discipline

    • Efficiently achieves excellence in their work

    • Innovates and sets new standards beyond existing norms

  6. Master:

    • A recognized industry leader and authority in their area of expertise

    • Creates new knowledge and advancements in the field

    • Considered a master performer and an expert in their discipline.

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