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The Hub for Frontline Managers
The Hub for Frontline Managers
Learn about the Hub and how to utilize it
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The Bramble Hub acts as the landing page for Frontline Managers when they login, and serves as both a high-level dashboard, and a launch point to other reports and screens in the system.

It provides Managers with up-to-date information pertinent to their team.

The Checklist has been configured specifically for you and your peers and is designed to prompt action on key tasks while also acting as a short-cut to the relevant page in Bramble.

Alerts can be configured to provide you with a notification stream alerting you whenever your team or individual staff members performance across any metric strays outside of the parameters that have been set.

While Bramble will automatically launch to the Hub once you've completed the in-system onboarding, you can navigate to via the Side-bar menu option 'Hub'.

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