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Cadence reporting in Bramble
Cadence reporting in Bramble
Learn about Cadence reporting.
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The Cadence functionality in Bramble is used to create a role-based checklist of tasks to be completed across an organization.

The setup of the Cadence (and the Checklist on the Hub) is completed by an Owner.

The main purpose of the Cadence is to establish a routine around the usage, analysis and communication of insight provided via the Bramble platform.

The Cadence reporting in Bramble allows you to quickly view the level of compliance to the Cadence set. The reporting provides insight into:

  1. Completions - a frequency of total Cadences completed

  2. Volume - a frequency of the total Cadences available to be completed

  3. Completion Rate - The number of completions divided by the Volume. The higher the percentage, the more compliant a team or individual is to the prescribed Cadence.

While Cadences are completely configurable they must role up to one of the following 4 categories:

  1. Mechanical compliance

  2. Direct Communications

  3. Peer Communications

  4. Planning

The categorization of specific Cadence Types is completed by a Bramble Owner within your organization.

The report can be cut by a variety of filters including:

  • Group

  • User

  • Employment Type

  • Work Style

  • Category

  • Role

  • Specific Cadence

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