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Target setting in Bramble
Target setting in Bramble

How to set and use Targets in Bramble

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Group Targets in Bramble allow owners to set targets for various operational metrics, such as daily input, contribution, utilization, quality, leave, overtime.

These targets can be used as a point of comparison against actual performance via the Strategic Dashboard, and reflect the longer-term goals of the organization or team. It is the responsibility of the Owner to create the Targets for each team, and Bramble recommends that these targets are set to coincide with the existing planning or budget cycle, usually once per year.

To set targets, an owner can access them via the Teams > Targets menu, and enter the desired figures for each metric.

In return, Bramble will provide targets for yield, daily output per FTE, unit cost, cost per hour of output, total FTE required to complete the estimated daily input, and total FTE cost to complete the estimated daily input.

These targets will be listed at the top of the Target screen and also appear in the Strategic Dashboard for all appropriate metrics. To access group targets, an admin access is required to view and owner access to edit. The Strategic Dashboard, Availability Report, Utilization Report and Output Report are useful tools that can be used in conjunction with group targets.

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