Ideal Task Times (ITTs)

Learn why ITTs are important and how they can be established.

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Ideal Task Times (ITTs) are a requirement for Production Tasks in Bramble. They should represent the time taken in an ideal scenario to complete the particular Production Task.

By applying ITTs to Production Tasks, you are able to convert output from volume to hours. Given that different teams do different tasks, by converting output into a universal metric (hours), you are able to establish recursive and universal reporting.

When establishing Ideal Task Times it's important to remove any Friction (or non Value-Add time encountered when completing the task.

There are 3 broad approaches to setting Ideal Task Times:

  1. Observe the task being completed by a range of Individual Contributors. This is recommended for high-volume tasks.

  2. Using system-generated data to analyze and determine the time taken over a large dataset to complete the Task

  3. Estimate based on experience and feedback from Teams that complete the Task Finally, if observing or using system-generated data to derive the ITT, Bramble recommends using the Top-Quartile, Mean or Median as the Ideal Task Time.

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