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How to setup Bramble
Deploying Bramble - a step-by-step guide
Deploying Bramble - a step-by-step guide
This article is for System Owners and covers the sequence to deploy Bramble.
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Welcome and congratulations on being appointed a Bramble Owner!

This guide is designed to provide you with a sequential overview on how to setup Bramble for your organization.

This is the sequence you should follow when setting up your Bramble environment:

  1. Make sure you have Owner Access

    1. Acquaint yourself with the Basics of Bramble

  2. Meet with in-scope Leaders to conduct a discovery meeting (this will help you complete some of the steps below)

  3. Determine the relevant systems to integrate with Bramble

  4. Establish a daily transmission (to Bramble) of the following:

    1. Completion volumes by individual

    2. Inventory volumes

    3. Quality scores

    4. Service Level performance

  5. Setup 'Bramble Check-Ins' for Individual Contributors by reviewing and edit the following:

  6. Onboard users

    1. Run a 30-min workshop with in-scope teams introducing Bramble and Friction

  7. Setup Processes in Bramble by:

  8. Map Task Events

  9. Setup Skills in order to ascertain Proficiency

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