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How to setup Bramble
Deploying Bramble - a step-by-step guide
Deploying Bramble - a step-by-step guide

This article is for System Owners and covers the sequence to deploy Bramble.

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This guide is designed to provide you with a sequential overview on how to setup Bramble for your organization.

This is the sequence you should follow when setting up your Bramble environment:

  1. Make sure you have Account Owner or Admin access and acquaint yourself with the Basics of Bramble

  2. Setup Groups in Bramble that match your Organizational Chart or desired reporting structure

  3. Meet with in-scope Leaders to conduct a discovery meeting (this will help you complete some of the steps below)

  4. Determine the relevant systems to integrate with Bramble and request an extract for each

  5. Create an Integration Template in Bramble and upload your first batch of volume data (point 4. above) - known as 'Task Events' in Bramble

  6. Setup 'Bramble Check-Ins' for Individual Contributors by reviewing and edit the following:

  7. Setup the process hierarchy in Bramble by:

    1. Establishing Process Chains for in-scope teams

    2. Establishing Processes for in-scope teams

    3. Establishing Production Tasks for in-scope teams

      • Determine whether or not the volumes can be fed via an automated transfer of require the Individual Contributor to manually track

      • Establish fair and reasonable Ideal Task Times (ITTs) for each Production Task

      • Assign Labels to relevant Production Tasks

  8. Invite users to Bramble

  9. Establish a daily transmission (to Bramble) of the following:

    1. Completion volumes by individual

    2. Inventory volumes by task

  10. Map Task Events from importers to:

  11. Onboard users:

    1. Conduct and record a 30-min workshop with in-scope teams introducing Bramble and the initial screens and functionality

  12. Setup Cadence for Frontline Managers and Individual Contributors

  13. Setup Skills in order to ascertain Proficiency

  14. Set Targets for the in-scope teams

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