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The Daily 'Check-In' screen allows personnel at any layer of an organization to track and record both their work time and any leave for a given day, but also where they have spent their time during the course of the day.

The 'Check-In' screen is predominantly used by Individual Contributors (ICs). Depending on the organization’s strategy, Frontline Managers (FLMs) may also be required to use this screen.

The structure of the Bramble platform does allow for any personnel higher than a Frontline Manager to track where they are spending their time, however this is a rare occurrence.

There are two ways to access the 'Check-In' screen – clicking on the ‘Submit 'Check-In' entries’ item in the Bramble Cadence list on the Hub page; or selecting 'Check-In' in the navigation bar to the left of the screen:

Once accessed, the date at the top of the page should be displaying the current workday, based on the time zone selected in the user’s Settings > Preferences. The page is then broken up into the four sections in which information can be recorded or amended.

The following steps will help you navigate through the requirements of the 'Check-In' page:


  • Production Tasks – record volumes for tasks requiring manual tracking, not time spent on those tasks. This output for each task will be derived by multiplying the volume with the Ideal Task Time (ITT).

  • Friction – recording the approximate time spent for the day on any tasks that are not classified as either a production or supporting tasks.

  • Supporting Tasks – record any time spent in required meetings, training, projects, or assigned leadership type task.

  • Available Time – record contracted base time (ie. Standard workday as per employment contract), any over time worked, or time on any type of leave.

Adding entries and submitting for approval:

To add a new entry, either select the ‘Add Entry’ button in the top right of the screen and choose the section of the item to be added, select the item from the dropdown list, and enter either the applicable volume or time.

Once the user has completed all their entries for the day, they simply click on the ‘Submit for Approval’ button at the top of the screen, which will indicate to the Frontline Manager that the information is ready to review.

Saving time after initial setup:

After the first day a user has completed the My Day screen, submitted to their manager, and the data manager approve the data; users have the option to select the ‘Copy to Today' from any previous submitted Check-In button at the top middle of the page and editing the volumes/times, rather than re-entering every item each day.

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