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Production Tasks: Manual versus Auto
Production Tasks: Manual versus Auto
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Production Tasks are discrete and value-adding items of work within a defined business process that are completed by an individual contributor, have a defined start and end point, and have an observable time standard.

They can be further classified by their entry mode: either Manual or Auto. The difference is how the tasks are captured by Bramble.

Manual Tasks are tasks that cannot be mapped to a workflow or system and require manual collection of completed volumes and inventory, while Auto Tasks can be mapped to a workflow, telephony, or other system and do not require manual tracking through the Bramble app.

Both types of tasks collectively equate to the output of an individual, team, and department and impact performance metrics. Managers and individual contributors can review performance metrics such as Contribution and Yield, which are driven by both Manual and Auto Tasks.

Wherever possible, you should setup Auto Tasks over Manual Tasks. Your method of capture is largely driven by the ability to establish a daily import of completed volumes from in-scope workflow, telephony or other systems.

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