What is Contribution?
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Contribution is how productive a Group or Individual is when utilized to complete Production Tasks.

In order to determine the Contribution of a team or an individual we need to know the following pieces of information:

  • Utilized Time - Time spent producing Production Tasks

  • Output - the hours of Production Tasks completed

The formula for Contribution is:

Contribution = Output / Utilized Time

The diagram below provides us with all the information we need to determine what the Team's Contribution is. It also includes the inputs we need to also calculate Utilization and Yield...but for now, we will focus on Contribution:

Let's extract the information we require:

  1. Output = 60 hours

  2. Utilized Time = Available Time - Time spent on Supporting Tasks

= 200 - 25 hours

= 175 hours

Now we simply need to calculate the Contribution = 60 / 175 = 34.3%

It's important to remember that Friction plays a large role in impacting Contribution. If a staff member or entire team is constantly dealing obstacles thrown their way (i.e. large amounts of Friction), then it will be difficult for them to operate at a high Contribution. This is why we are interested in Contribution! It provides us with a starting-point to find Friction!

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