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Contribution is how productive a Group or Individual is whilst only working on Production Tasks, and is derived from the data collected in the daily Check-in screen.

In order to determine the Contribution of a team or an individual we need to know the following pieces of information:

  • Utilized Time - Available Time (Base Time + OT - Leave) minus Supporting Time

  • Output - the hours of Production Tasks completed

The calculation for Contribution is: Output βž— Utilized Time

Using the screenshot above as an example, the hours of Production tasks completed were 4 hours, the Available Time for the day was 8 hours, and the Supporting Time was 2 hours. So the calcuation is:

4 hours / 6 hours (8 - 2) = 66.67% Contribution

It's important to remember that Friction plays a large role in impacting Contribution. If a staff member or entire team is constantly dealing obstacles thrown their way (i.e. large amounts of Friction), then it will be difficult for them to operate at a high Contribution. This is why we Contribution is a very important metric, as it provides a starting-point to find Friction!


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