What is Leave?
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Leave refers to an absence from work for a specific period of time. Leave can be taken for various reasons such as vacation, illness, personal reasons, or other situations that require time away from regular responsibilities.

Planned leave refers to a prearranged absence that is requested and approved in advance. This can include vacation time, personal days, or other scheduled time off that is planned well in advance. Planned leave allows the employee or individual to properly prepare for the absence and ensure that their responsibilities are covered during their absence.

Unplanned leave, on the other hand, is an absence that is unexpected and not previously approved. This can include sick leave, emergency leave, or other situations that require immediate absence from work or other duties. Unplanned leave can create challenges for both the individual and their team.

In Bramble, the types of Leave are configurable however all map back to one of 4 broader categories:

  1. Planned and Paid

  2. Planned and Unpaid

  3. Unplanned and Paid

  4. Unplanned and Unpaid.

In some reports, Leave will be presented as 'Leave Ratio', this is calculated by dividing the total hours of leave by the total Base Hours.

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