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Why? (Purpose)

To fully utilize the Bramble platform, each user must be on-boarded into the system by creating their Bramble account. Once completed they can immediately use the screens and reports applicable to their access level. The information captured in the onboarding process will also be used in numerous reports throughout Bramble.

Who? (Responsibilities)

All users that are invited to join Bramble by another user with applicable delegation.

When? (Timing, frequency)

Whenever a new user or set of users is required by the organization to commence use of the Bramble platform.

How? (Method)

Users will first receive an email from [email protected], with the subject stating that another user has invited them to join the applicable team on Bramble. Once the user clicks the ‘Join the team’ button in the body of the email, they are redirected to the account creation screen which contains all the fields required for a new user to set up their profile:

The fields to be populated are –

  • Email address – this will auto-populate with the address the invitation was sent to

  • Password – create a secure password to use when logging on

  • Confirm Password – repeat password entered above, to ensure it matches exactly the password that the user intended to use

  • Full Name – users full name

  • Preferred Name – the name the user prefers to go by in the workplace

  • Position – the position in the organization the user holds, whether they manage others or not

  • Employment – the term they are employed by their company. If Part-time selected, the user must also enter the number of hours they usually work each week.

  • Work Location – the best description of where the user works predominantly

  • Joined at – the date in which they joined that node, not the organization

Once all fields have been completed, the user clicks the ‘Create my account’ button, where they are redirected to the ‘My Settings’ module.


  • The organization to determine the process in which users will be invited to use Bramble.

Link to useful screens/tools

What to expect?

  • Once a user has accurately created their account, they will be able to immediately commence the use of Bramble, as determined by their access level.

What to be mindful of?

  • When creating a profile for the first time, users should be mindful that all the information they enter is accurate to the best of their knowledge. Inaccuracies will have an effect on the reporting in Bramble.

  • User - any staff member (regardless of role) with a Bramble account is considered a User. Users are assigned to a Node.

  • Node - is the term in Bramble for a collective of staff members. It can be a team, department, business unit, etc. The Admin > Node screen is used to establish your organizational structure in Bramble. Users are assigned Nodes that they belong to.

  • Individual Contributor (IC) - is a staff member that does not have any direct reports and primary responsibility is to complete production and supporting tasks.

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