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Discovery Meeting Template
Discovery Meeting Template
Questions to ask in your Discovery Meetings
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The Discovery Meeting is a 30-minute to 1-hour meeting that is held with managers in the early stages of a Bramble deployment.

The purpose of the meeting is to introduce oneself, establish communication methods, learn about the team's functions, goals, and pain points, and provide an overview of the next 4 weeks of the deployment.

The meeting should include questions about metrics and workflow, leadership habits, staff experience, and the big picture. The responses provided by the leader should be noted as they are giving up valuable time to meet. The questions can be amended and augmented as needed.

Examples of the questions to ask in a Discovery meeting:

Metrics and workflow

  • What is the purpose of your team?

  • What are the workflow systems your team uses to manage and complete work?

  • What are your highest volume tasks?

  • What specific metrics do you care about?

  • What metrics does your boss care about?

  • How do you currently get a view of performance today?

  • Do you or your reports have access to these metrics on a daily basis?

  • Do you have a good read on waste/friction in your organization on a daily basis?

  • How do you/your organization currently identify, size and track improvement initiatives?

Leadership habits

  • Is there a management framework in your organization and do you adhere to it?

  • Do you know if your/other frontline managers adhere to it?

  • Do you have large variance in performance across the frontline leaders and Individual Contributors (ICs) in your organization? If so, where do you see the impact?

  • How involved are you/your Leaders and Individual Contributors (ICs) in setting tactical plans for how work is done?

Staff Experience

  • How do ICs in your organization know if they’ve had a good day or a bad day?

  • How do you measure IC engagement, and how do you rate?

  • How proactive are your ICs in their career-pathing and professional development?

  • How have your staff responded to working remotely?

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