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Suggested skills
Suggested skills

Helping leaders build their Team Skill Matrix

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Suggested skills in Bramble are set by team leaders and serve as a tool to help build and organize the team's skill matrix. These skills are automatically displayed in each team's skill matrix and also on each team member's profile.

If a team member does not yet have a skill that is marked as suggested, it will appear as "Incomplete" in the skill matrix. Team members can score themselves on suggested skills by clicking on the "Incomplete" badge and editing their score.

It's important to note that suggested skills cannot be removed from a team member's profile. If a team leader wishes to remove a suggested skill, they will need to remove it from the Suggested skills list for their team.

The "Incomplete" status for suggested skills can indicate that either the person's profile is still being built, or they have not yet achieved a level of proficiency in that skill. Bramble provides team leaders with the tools they need to track the skill levels of their team and ensure that everyone is developing and improving their skills.

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